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The term narcissism is used a lot these days to describe someone who is full of themselves. However, narcissism is not self-love. A narcissistic Personality disorder is a personality disorder that can affect the lives of all the people who are in a relationship with a narcissist. It is an inflated self-image that is rooted in intense feelings of insecurity.

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Caring for your Mental Health in the aftermath of Narcissistic Abuse

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Thank you for your question. Recovery and healthy remission depend on the frequency, duration, and severity of the traumatic experience. It also depends on the depth of the #gaslighting suffered (gaslighting intended to render the Self vulnerable to make it more pliable). Also, if the NPD individual is still in one's life due to family obligation such as children, it makes it very hard to heal without setting some clear (maybe legal) boundaries.
The goal of talk therapy in this situation is to re-construct the shattered self with patience and diligence. It is to purge the mind of the inprinted irrational sense of vulnerability. That vulnerability became us through sustained abuse but it is not us. We are strength the moment we seek help anew.

The strength of seeking therapy to recover from such inhumane abuse is to commit to forgive/rescue the past self and protect the future self actively from individuals who will attempt to make us feel vulnerable in order to crush us under the weight of irrational fears.
The task is worth it because we are worth it.