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Graduate Research Assistant

Kennesaw State University

   year 10 months

Department of Social Work and Human Services

Co-taught a course on Human Socialization in the Social Work Department
Co-authored a book chapter entitled: “Reading James Baldwin’s Giovanni’s Room in a Social Work Class: Using Fiction to Identify a Theory on Male Sexual Identity.”
Conducted research on Grief & Loss and Photovoice
Created pre-post surveys for the Social Work department

Psychotherapist, Life Coach, Owner

Generative Therapy Center, LLC

 – Present6 years 11 months

United States

At the Generative Therapy Center, we provide psychotherapy and life coaching for pre-adolescents, adolescents, and adults experiencing behavior, cognitive, and mood disorder that interfere with quality of life at home, work, and/or school and may impact an individuals overall (organic/mental) health.

Also we offer non-stigmatizing PERSONAL COACHING for neuro-typical and neuro-exceptional (Autistic) adolescents and Adults who struggle to meet their life goals. We generally target executive functioning skills, emotional and social intelligence, as well individuals locus of control. Why? Simply because research has shown that theses root factors are essential to personal sanity and serenity–to a healthy sense of purpose.

Please visit www.gentherapy.org for more information.
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Freelance Blogger

Feminine Collective

 – Present6 years 2 months

A Few Good Men: I write about my experience with abuse in childhood and adolescence; my never ending recovery from Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Impostor Syndrome; and my love for brilliant businesswomen–many of whom have helped me in my recovery.