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Say NO to burnout!

Hi, I’m Michel Bordeau and believe me I’ve experienced what you are experiencing and what you are here for. I have gone through the struggles of feeling like getting old is inevitable. I have, but I don’t anymore. Today, I feel younger and more energized than 5 years, 10 years, or 20 years ago. Dare I say, ageless!

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU


Practice saying ‘no’

Practice asking favors

Practice praising your most recent accomplishments

Block any judgment about your most recent accomplishments

Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

One of the easiest ways to practice kindness is to have the mindset that we can create a life of possibilities, a healthy reality, if we put our minds to seeking solutions instead of dwelling on problems. My meditation in the morning can get interrupted with problem thinking “if you don’t do this task before 7 AM, you failed”. I push such thought away with the kindness of a solution driven statement: “this task will be done regardless of the time of the day.” Kindness is non-judgmental; it is affirmative and affirming. Kindness is in language and mindset and, of course, if we are kind to ourselves, we engender a serene reality. We see solutions where there are problems and we thrive.

Don’t Wait Any Longer.                                               Start saying ‘NO’ to burnout.