Functional Nutrition

Focus on health, diet and lifestyle


“Understanding our relationship to change, mentally. spiritually, and even intuitively is the easy step towards managing the circumstances of burnout. The hard step is to accept that we should take the time to reach that understanding. We deserve it.”

If you are someone that wants to better your mental health and integrate healthy nutrition, let’s work together. We will create a personalized nutritional program based on a collaborative assessment and evaluation. We will put together your action plan to maximize mental and physical health for years to come.

The better we eat based on our individualized needs, the healthier we remain. By healthy, I mean the connection between the brain and the guts, the guts and the heart, all are in a balanced / homeostatic state. So, eating for the purpose of self-healing is possible, even though nowadays we are effectively bombarded with a lot of food that is not healthy. Unlike previous generations. Probably before 1977, before they introduced that mighty pyramid of food where they pushed sugar, milk and a lot of things that were unhealthy. We ate healthy fat, we ate healthy proteins, we didn't over emphasize the presentation of the food, we utilized food to re energize ourselves! When we were at the farms or the factory, we were teaching using our brain and our body.

Functional Nutrition teaches us how to eat the right kind of food that's going to keep our body from decaying, from aging, and that's going to allow us to feel strong. We have 12 systems in the body, and they all need to be nourished. They all need to be nourished with good food, there's a couple of food items out there that are very dangerous, one of them as you know, is sugar. There's the way it's processed. It's insufferable for our body, it's the number one source of stress, believe it or not! Your neighbors screaming or whatever you consider to be an external source of stress, is not as intense in your own body as the stress of eating the wrong thing, it's very important to know this. If you eat the wrong thing for your genome the wrong thing for the way you are wired. You will never feel good, it will create stress, it will put stress on your lymphatic system. It will put stress on your immune system, so what's the solution? It is just what we do at the Gentherapy Center, it's just a text doc of what you need to eat, specifically, you need to eat to remain in a great state of clarity- of serenity and sanity. Functional Nutrition will help you whether you suffer from an organic condition, you're diabetic, have lupus or you have any other immune disorder. Functional Nutrition will help you if you have been diagnosed with ADHD, with autism, with anxiety- like general anxiety disorder. Functional Nutrition is the best way to sort of balance our body and our mind with simply paying attention to what we eat and what we supplement.

What is functional nutrition coaching?

The Functional Nutrition coaching that we offer takes into account the complex relationship between mental and nutritional health. To put it simply, all mental conditions are defined by psychological symptoms and physical symptoms. For instance, anxiety will come with gastric issues, burnout comes with immunity flare ups, and our hormonal functions are always on high alert when we experience psychological events. Here is how we address nutritional health in order to reduce mental health symptoms.

  • Assess and evaluate past and current nutritional needs necessary for mental wellbeing.
  • Order and analyze nutritional lab tests as they relate to mental health symptoms, e.g., complete blood count, complete metabolic panel, lipid panel, vitamins, thyroid markers, etc.
  • Create personalized nutritional and mental well-being program
  • Coach Functional Vitality principles, i.e., continued monitoring of mental wellbeing and nutritional balance.

Functional Nutrition is a healthy way to tap into our body’s natural self-healing functions. The more we become intentional about the foods our body and mind need to be balanced, the better we feel about ourselves. The better we eat, the better we digest, the better we feel, think, move, sleep, etc.


Having trouble finding the right nutrition for your metabolic needs and mental well-being?

You’re Not Alone. And We're Here to Help!

The process is customized for you and your goals. We all want to feel our best, but getting there takes different, unique approaches.

I certified in functional nutrition because in the past five years working with clients on the spectrum, clients experiencing chronic conditions, and clients under the heavy emotional stress of maintaining their relationship with a narcissistic individual, conversations about nutrition and mental well-being are very frequent. Clients often asked questions about Nutritional alternatives to medication for anxiety, depression, ADHD, Autism, etc. Questions such as:

  • I am stressed at work and I can’t stop eating junk food. I am starting to feel depressed. What should I do to stop this?

  • I have been on depression medication for 6 years, I want to find a healthier alternative. How do I stop? Are there supplements that I should look into?

  • When I was diagnosed with Lupus I chose to change my diet to help with the symptoms, this worked. But now I am having cravings I can not control and I am experiencing flare ups, can you help?

  • My kid has autism and ADHD, he is a picky eater, and I want him to stop eating sugars. Can you help me?

Nutritional Program adapted to one's metabolism is the best way to address functional root causes of the following mental health conditions:

1. Mood disorders such as depression, seasonal affective disorder, post-partum depression, bipolar disorder

2. Anxiety disorders such as generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social phobia, etc.

3. Neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism spectrum, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, conduct disorder, and learning disabilities.

Just for You

Nutritional habits play a crucial role in our mental well-being. For instance, an individual on the Autism spectrum who has a fast metabolism will experience the ill effect of food sensitivity if he or she eats a carbohydrate rich diet. This individual will likely experience irritability, lack of clarity of mind, impatience, struggle with sleep, etc. When these individuals adapt their nutritional habits to the needs of their metabolism, by eating healthy fats, a meat based diet, and low carbs they automatically create a baseline where food is not a functional stressor and will not exacerbate their mental health condition. Things could not be any simpler, but are none the less hard to achieve alone; once we adapt our nutritional habits to our individualized metabolism we greatly reduce the risk of mental health symptoms and ensure greater mental well-being.


- eating while stressed or to cope with stress

- food allergies, sensitivities, and inflammations

- diet not adapted to metabolism

- eating to much of one type of food

- etc

Functional nutrition is all about personalization. No one person is exactly like the next—even if their symptoms are the same. Functional nutrition plans take into consideration everything that makes you, well YOU.

This approach increases your ability to make the necessary changes to help you be the best you.