Signs, Causes, & Ways to Overcome


Do you feel exhausted at the end of the day? How often? Have you ever considered that your brain might not be built for the demands engineering leaders put on it?

And do you know the #1 stressor on your body and nervous system?

In this episode, meet CEO, Psychotherapist, and Functional Nutrition Coach, Michel Bordeau. He is creator of the Loyalty 2 Self program where he has helped hundreds of leaders avoid burnout and be strong in body and mind.

He shares his own emotional discovery of being on the autistic spectrum, which he did not know until his adult years, and how that realization changed his life as a therapist and coach.

Michel shows us how the body is a system of systems, and how we create the out-of-balance conditions of self-inflicted emotional exhaustion and burnout.

Plus, we cover some of the most actionable tips to recovery you will find anywhere.

So press play and let’s chat…because the truth is your burn-OUT is really a burn-IN!

Treatment Modalties

In today’s world, “burnout” is a common phrase that many of us have heard around groups of friends or maybe even used ourselves. But what exactly is burnout?

At The Generative Therapy Center, we often have burnout sufferers describe feelings of pure exhaustion, anger, and even hopelessness relating to a major stress factor (such as work) and often affecting every aspect of their lives, causing disruption and even physical symptoms like headaches, digestive issues, and body aches. Don’t let burnout get the best of you. Get the help you need from our online life coach today!


What Is Burnout?

Typically burnout is related to stress at work, but unfortunately for many, the work stress follows people home, especially in today’s technologically driven world. People who experience burnout often feel mental fatigue, identity loss, and even meaninglessness in both their careers and their personal life. Other common reasons for burnout stem from parenting fatigue, caretaker responsibilities, and even troubled relationships.


What Causes Burnout?

Burnout has often been associated with the combination of high or unrealistic expectations over an extended time paired with low control, perceived fairness, or support. The top causes of burnout are:

  • Unfair treatment at work

  • Unmanageable workload

  • Lack of role clarity

  • Lack of communication and support

  • Unreasonable time pressure


Signs & Symptoms of Burnout

With the primary signs of burnout being mental fatigue and exhaustion, a person may try to combat it with increased caffeine, alcohol, or drug use. Other common signs and symptoms of burnout include:

  • Issues sleeping

  • Sexual problems

  • Bitterness

  • Loss of empathy

  • Mistrust of others

  • Feelings of guilt

  • Feeling time pressured

  • Lack of initiative

  • Physical symptoms: Including back pain, poor digestion, headache, increased sickness


Chaos vs Order

3 tips to prevent burnout before it starts

1. EAT WELL nutrition is vital, it's our best source of good health!

2. PLAY MORE be more active, be communing with the world, playing a part into the present.

3. LOVE YOURSELF reframing the narrative that we have about ourselves being kind, avoiding negative self talk and then replace it with something a lot healthier.

Ways To Cope with & Prevent Burnout

Burnout can lead to more serious issues such as heart disease, severe anxiety, major depression, and suicidal thoughts. Developing a self-care plan with an online life coach is a strong coping method for overcoming burnout and stress. At The Generative Therapy Center, we can help you gain insight into the internal factors holding you back while creating positive, lasting changes. Connect with our life coach today!