Life Coaching

The Generative Therapy Center


Sometimes we need an accountability partner to reach the next goal in our life. These are outcomes you can expect from the Loyalty2self life coaching program.

  • Rediscover your enthusiasm for life and work
  • Re-align your purpose in life and at work
  • Experience work-life balance on your own terms
  • Realize that you can shape your future both at home and at work
  • Receive support throughout the entire process of Coaching

1 On 1 Coaching with Michel Bordeau, MA, LCSW


It is often assumed that eating well is a joy kill and a way to restrict the pleasure of eating. Eating well is really about tapping in the number one function of the body >>>> self-healing! How to self heal by eating well?

  • Eat foods that allow clarity of mind
  • Eat foods fit for your individualized genetics
  • Eat prepared food, not engineered food


It is often assumed that playing is a distraction from life's responsibilities. In fact, life's responsibilities are a distraction from learning, creating, growing and sharing.

  • Remember, work is not the opposite of play and play is not the opposite of work
  • Play to grow, learn, create, and be yourself
  • Play with integrity and without judgment


It is often assumed that loving oneself is an act of selfishness. Loving yourself is really about being unconditionally aware of what is best for you and ultimately what is best for others. How to love yourself?

  • Have gratitude for your past, current, and future self
  • Listen to your guts and say NO when your guts say so
  • Seek help when you need help -- you are worth it!


It is often assumed that work-related anxiety are caused by external factors. Although, external factors can be the problem the solution is always internal.

  • Access how external factors create resistance to change
  • Practice replacing emotional response with rational actions
  • Eat well, play more and love yourself

Are you wondering what's the differences in therapy and life coaching?!

  • Therapy helps you gain insight and awareness about the root causes of a mental health condition or situation for the purpose of creating lasting changes. Therapy can also help you develop personalized skills to make stride towards a healthy emotional way of life, and work through challenging events or traumatic events that you have gone through.
  • Life Coaching can assist you in getting “unstuck” and setting achievable life altering goals. Such as moving to the next step in your career, building healthy alternatives to not such positive habits, or maybe simply needing a step in the right direction-inspiration to put your life together. Life coaching can help you maneuver around situations to assist you in discovering your life’s purpose.

If you want to hold yourself accountable, whether in your personal or professional life. A life Coach would be a good alternative to Therapy.

How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?

We can determine together what option will be best for you and what you are looking to get from life coaching and mentoring.