How Functional Nutrition Can Change Your Life

How Functional Nutrition Can Change Your Life

Nutrition plays an important role in controlling our moods and mental health. Understanding your relationship with food is essential for coping with your health, and the better we eat, the healthier we tend to be. Although there is a vast amount of diets to choose from, one often less understood approach is functional nutrition. At The Generative Therapy Center, we’re here to help you understand this method of food consumption, as it can benefit you on the path towards mental well-being. Visit us online to find out more, or contact us today to get started!

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What Is Functional Nutrition?

Functional nutrition is a dieting method that focuses on the connection between the brain and other functions affected by food consumption — such as the guts, stomach, and heart. Functional nutrition teaches us how to eat the right foods to keep our bodies from decaying and aging prematurely while providing strength and health. This method helps maintain the body's 12 systems which must be nourished adequately to function well!

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Functional Nutrition Coaching

The Generative Therapy Center offers functional nutrition coaching that takes into account the complex relationship between mental and nutritional health. This is based on the idea that all mental conditions correlate with psychological and physical symptoms — such as anxiety and gastric issues.

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How We Address Nutritional Health To Reduce Mental Health Symptoms

  • We assess and evaluate past and current nutritional needs necessary for mental wellbeing

  • We complete and analyze nutritional lab tests as they relate to mental health symptoms — such as complete blood count, complete metabolic panel, lipid panel, vitamins, thyroid markers, etc.

  • We create a personalized nutritional and mental well-being program suited to your needs

  • Offer coach functional vitality principles — continued monitoring of mental wellbeing and nutritional balance

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Factors That Can Benefit from Functional Nutrition

You may be dealing with mental health problems due to your current food intake habits. We do not blame you, as society has made unhealthy foods at the forefront of what many consume daily.

Nutritional factors that undermine mental health well-being include:

  • Eating while stressed or to cope with stress

  • Food allergies, sensitivities, and inflammations

  • Diet not adapted to metabolism

  • Eating too much of one type of food

Your mental health struggles may be directly associated with the foods you eat. The Generative Therapy Center is here to help you determine whether your food consumption — or lack thereof — can help you reach the mental well-being you are searching for. Contact us today to get started!