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presented by Michel Bordeau

The Neuroexceptional Years 

Nourishing the brain for your mental wellbeing.¬† I don’t talk about quantity or quality, but timing.

In this video I discuss the internal noise or emotinal persona that at times may prevent us from accomplishing tasks. in the case of an ADHD individual, it is not enough to speak about distraction, identifying the dominant persona that occupies the mind at the moment of task initiation helps to start the effort in a timely fashion. I used the example of a 12-year old who loves to entertain peers.

In this video I talk about the perception paradox about Narcissistic Abuser. Condemning their pathological lying does not register with them: it is self-branding and a good thing for these unethical individuals. Attacking the truth they go the length to hide is the path to their greatest weakness. Pelosi is a champion at that. Truly remarkable to watch manage the President’s behaviors.

How to talk to teenagers who have a propencity to self-blame, to be self-defeating, and to label themself irrationally.